What things can i try at home after jogging/playing Cricket to get relief from body pain?

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MHE-29537 posted this 12 December 2015

After jogging or when i play cricket, i usually have lot of pain in legs, thighs, shoulder and back.

I cant do much about it except to cry in pain. Any suggestions that i can try at home???

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Harshad Mahajan posted this 04 February 2016

Light Massage: Massaging a sore muscle can help reduce tightness while promoting blood flow, which in turn helps speed recovery, thus shortening the duration of DOMS.

Warm Bath: As with massage, warm water will loosen up tight muscles and improve circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood coming to the rescue of your aching muscles.

Ibuprofen: Low-dose, over-the-counter painkillers—and Ibuprofen in particular, which has specifically been shown to decrease muscle soreness—will help take the edge off of severe cases of DOMS.

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  • Paras Gupta
Paras Gupta posted this 04 February 2016

Our body suffers from this pain because we dont regularly work out those muscles. 
basic workout of lower back , pushups,sit ups, squats shouls avoid such pain. 
if the pain still occurs u should apply pain releif our consult a physician and take some muscle relaxers.