Swelling around eyes even after complete rest

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NGG-39234 posted this 22 December 2015

I am having swelling around my eyes which make me look dizzy all the time. I take proper food, complete rest still I look unhealthy and not fresh.


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PQU-73412 posted this 23 December 2015 - Last edited 23 December 2015

Swollen eyes can occur due to various reasons. 

  1. Get tested for allergies. If swollen eyelids and other symptoms of allergies are a regular occurrence, get yourself allergy tested. By knowing what you're allergic to, you can try to avoid specific allergens or, at the very least, minimize your exposure to them.
  2. Take protein rich food like legumes, small fishes and milk.
  3. When using eye drops, look for preservative-free eye drops. While preservatives in regular eye drops inhibit bacterial growth, some people are allergic to these preservatives.
  4. For an instant help you can go for iced tea bag press on your eyes. Store the used tea bags in freezer and use them as eye press for relief.

Hope these tips would help you get rid of swelling and help get your beautiful eyes back!

NGG-39234 posted this 28 December 2015

Thanks for the advice, I would be following these and will look forward to the changes :)


Anjali Thakur posted this 03 February 2016

One of the main causes of puffy eyes is water retention and the best way to flush out excess water in your body is to simply drink more water while also reducing the amount of salt you eat along with not eating so many of these bad foods here that force you to retain water

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